Bank cards "Altyn Asyr"

The system of plastic cards "Altyn Asyr"

SCBT "Turkmenbashi" in order to execute the Presidential Decree №9362 from 11.01.2008 year is actively working on the implementation, dissemination and development of the system of bank cards "Altyn Asyr".

Currently In SCBT "Turkmenbashi" 309543 open card accounts and their number is increasing every day.

It was established 2072 payment terminals 1658 of them in retail outlets and service points for cashless payments.

System SCBT "Turkmenbashi" served 360 ATM.

ATMs have been installed in all branches SCBT "Turkmenbashi" and elsewhere - shopping malls, airports, businesses and organizations.

More recently, the discovery of new agency of our bank g.Iolatan Mary province and branch in Garlyk Lebap province, residents and visitors of these cities can also use bank cards, as Data provided Branch and ATM terminals.

Today operates mobile payment service "Altyn Asyr" through technical devices serving bank cards "Altyn Asyr", ie through ATMs and self-service terminals.

Introduced the possibility of paying the mortgage loan taken in SCBT "President" cashless cash through ATMs. In the near future it is planned to offer this opportunity to all holders of bank cards "Altyn Asyr", having a different type of credit in the banks of Turkmenistan.

Also in the near future it is planned introduction to the system GTS Turkmenistan to pay for home phones through cashless ATMs and self-service terminals, and will be introduced other types of payments.

To date, in order to attract customers, when withdrawing cash and payment services by means of transfer, no commissions cardholder is not retained.

SCBT "Turkmenbashi" today and in the future will actively work to increase the volume of cashless payments in the country in order to create favorable conditions and social support of the population.

More information can be obtained by visiting our bank, or by telephone: 44-71-75 (78.79), 44-70-26.

Similarly, If you have any questions, please contact all the branches SCBT "Turkmenbashi":

  • Ashgabat, Head Office, st. 2026, №54, tel .: 44-70-26, 44-71-75
  • Kopetdag office: tel. 94-27-93, 94-24-68
  • Azatlyk office: tel.: 32-30-77. 41-06-68
  • Chandybil office: tel .: 21-71-54, 21-82-04
  • Abadan, tel .: (800 138) 07.05.46, 10.05.38
  • Sarahs, tel .: 39-40-94 (800134) 09.21.31
  • Mary Street. Niyazov №9, tel .: (800 522) 06.03.78, 03.11.43
  • Balkanabat, Apt. 195 Avenue Nebitchiler, tel: (800 222) 7-45-95, 07/12/96
  • Turkmenabat Street. Akhal, №6, tel .: (800 422) 7-46-50, 3-63-30, 3-62-84
  • Dashoguz, ul. Al-Khwarizmi, № 29, tel .: (800 322) 5-43-34, 5-31-92, 5-68-08
  • Turkmenbashi city, street. Magtymguly, №1, tel .: (code- 800243) 2-40-16, 03/02/11