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SCBT "Turkmenbashi" today

As a result, reform SCBT "Turkmenbashi" not only kept the old clientele, but also strengthened its position in the financial market of the country. Over the years, the bank has always sought to preserve the main clientele, constantly practicing and introducing more flexible schemes of work.

Today SCBT "Turkmenbashi" has a multidivisional network. In Turkmenistan are 21 branches and 3 agencies. Operate 33 points of foreign exchange in all provincial centers and etraps country, one of which operate around the clock. In the bank's branches work items remittances "Yildirim" and remittances in foreign currency "Western Union".

The Bank's management is carried out by the Chairman of the Board and two alternates who are appointed by the President of Turkmenistan. Board members are appointed by the Chairman of the Board from among the heads of department and approved by the Central Bank of Turkmenistan. SCBT "Turkmenbashi" consists of departments, offices and independent departments:

  • Economic and Financial Department
  • Department of Accounting and Reporting
  • The Internal Audit Department
  • Department of credit operations
  • Department for International Settlements
  • Department of cash operations
  • Department of monetary
  • Administrative and legal department
  • Department of automation
  • Marketing Department
  • Security service
  • Engineering department
  • Economic board

State Commercial Bank of Turkmenistan "Turkmenbashi", along with other banks of Turkmenistan contributes to the strengthening of the country's economic growth and welfare of the people. Being in status state bank and guided state development programs of Turkmenistan's economy, SCBT "Turkmenbashi", the focus of their activities on the financing of projects in sectors such as industry, transport, communications, trade.

The main direction of credit policy SCBT "Turkmenbashi" oriented towards supporting domestic producers and improving the social standards of living. Further development of the branch network in all industrial regions of the country is strategically important for the Bank, reflecting the interests of our clients. The Bank currently has a range of services that can satisfy almost any inquiries relating to the activities of the bank.