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Currency exchange operations

State Commercial Bank of Turkmenistan "Turkmenbashi" master modern banking technology, updating and improving the range of services focusing on the needs of our customers and the international standards of banking service.

The Bank's policy - open-door policy. The main criteria of the bank's activities are competence, openness, stability, and reliability.

SCBT "Turkmenbashi" invites business people to mutually beneficial cooperation. Bank is ready to cooperate with all customers, regardless of the scale of their activities and forms of ownership.

SCBT "Turkmenbashi" provides the following services:

  • Opening and maintaining accounts of clients (individuals and legal entities)
  • Various types of transfers within and outside of Turkmenistan, as well as the opportunity to investigate and ascertain the condition of payment
  • Operations with export and import letters of credit - a unique set of financial and banking services that ensure the protection of the interests of members of commercial transactions, and the high professionalism of the employees of the bank to issue a letter of credit will allow to quickly and accurately
  • Non-commercial operations: conversion of foreign currency, buying foreign currency on MVBT, as well as the opportunity to participate in domestic trades of the bank, which will reduce your costs and the timing of purchases of foreign currency transactions. Issuance of bank certificates at a single rate
  • Cash Operations: provision of services for the implementation of currency deposited to the account and the issuance of currency from an account, collection of cash proceeds, the determination of validity of banknotes, the exchange of notes, exchange of old banknotes, cash payments in favor of the bank's clients, as well as for the benefit of customers, served by other banks of Turkmenistan
  • Advice on international operations, providing currency exchange rates and clearance of payment documents of the client, preparation of payment terms of the contract, the formulation of conclusions of contracts, issuing guarantees
  • Money transfer system "Western Union": the quickest and most reliable way to transfer money worldwide delivery guarantee funds directly to the recipient, the transfer of money without opening bank accounts