The President of Turkmenistan congratulates the compatriots on the 24th anniversary of introduction manat into operation

On occasion of the 24th anniversary of introduction Turkmenistan currency - manat, into operation, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov addressed congratulation message to the personnel of banking sphere and all compatriots. 

Introduction of national currency into operation allowed making favourable conditions for harmonic development of the economy of the country and pursuing integrated state money-and-credit policy. Banking sphere is an important sector of national economy of Turkmenistan and one of intensively developing branch, - the message of the Head of the State says. 

At present time, important role is given for the activity for further improvement of reliability of banking system in the government policy. Stable operation of this sphere is important for provision of the competiveness and dynamic growth of national economy, its successful integration to the world economic system. Long-term measures for improvement of the efficiency and reliability of banking activity are taken on programme base. In this relation, provision of stable rate of national currency, expansion of the spectrum of services, bringing of them to international level and implementation of innovative technologies in banking activity are priority objectives of the this sphere. 

Implementation of measures for bringing of laws regulating banking activity to accordance with international standards is continued. Types and quality of services rendered by the banks of the country are expanded, efficient work for expansion of the system of non-cash payments and improvement of financial knowledge of the population is carried out. Besides, different courses and seminars are organized for improvement of professional level of the personnel of banking sphere in our country and abroad, - the message says. 

We will continue attaching special attention to steadfast improvement of monetary policy, financial support of production and export oriented branches of the economy, expansion of constructive cooperation with international financial organizations, further consolidation of legal base of banking system and wide introduction of innovations and modern technologies to the branch, - the message of the President highlights.